Gobunshō – 御文章 – Fascicle 2-5 – Juzu – 珠数章 –

2-5 Juzu

As I reflect, having observed the ways of the nembutsu followers in this temple community over the past few years, I find that they totally lack the settled mind of Other Power.

The reason I say this is that there is none among them who carries a juzu. Not carrying any juzu amounts to grasping the Buddha with bare hands. Shinran Shonin never told us to worship the Buddha without a juzu. Nevertheless, in order to attain birth in the Pure Land, only the entrusting heart of Other Power is required. Not carrying any juzu creates no hindrance to that end.

In the first place, priests of big temples are expected to wear robes and carry juzu. In this connection we notice that those who have attained the true entrusting heart never fail to express it in their voice and manifest it in their manner. From this we can conjecture that nowadays those who have admirably attained the true entrusting heart are extremely rare.

To explain this further, it appears that these priests, failing to appreciate that the Primal Vow of Amida Tathagata is befitting to us, always assume the air of understanding all about the entrusting heart and, whenever they hear the Dharma, they dismiss it as nothing new, thereby unable to take it seriously in their minds; and so they are merely imitating others.

Such being the case, their own birth in the land of bliss seems doubtful; it is even more doubtful whether they can teach their followers and members. In such a state of mind, their birth that is to come in the fulfilled land will be impossible.

How shameful and sad it is! You should simply calm your minds and deeply reflect. Indeed impermanence of human life is such that one may die at any time, when the breath that goes out is not followed by the breath that comes in. Be very careful in keeping in mind the Buddha Dharma, and seek to settle the entrusting heart.

Humbly and respectfully.

Early in the morning on the 16th day of the 2nd month, 6th year of Bunmei [1474], I suddenly took a brush and wrote this.

2-5 珠数章

そもそも、 このさんねんのあひだにおいて、 当山とうざん念仏ねんぶつしゃぜいをみおよぶに、 まことにもつてりき安心あんじんけつじょうせしめたるぶんなし。

そのゆゑは、 じゅ一連いちれんをももつひとなし。 さるほどにほとけをばづかみにこそせられたり。 しょうにん (親鸞)、 まつたく 「じゅをすててぶつおがめ」 とおおせられたることなし。 さりながらじゅをもたずとも、 おうじょうじょうのためにはただりき信心しんじんひとつばかりなり。 それにはさはりあるべからず。

まづだいぼうぶんたるひとは、 袈裟けさをもかけ、 じゅをもちてもさいなし。 これによりて真実しんじつ信心しんじんぎゃくとくしたるひとは、 かならずくちにもし、 またいろにもそのすがたはみゆるなり。 しかれば、 とうはさらに真実しんじつ信心しんじんをうつくしくえたるひと、 いたりてまれなりとおぼゆるなり。

それはいかんぞなれば、 弥陀みだ如来にょらい本願ほんがんのわれらがために相応そうおうしたるたふとさのほども、 にはおぼえざるがゆゑに、 いつも信心しんじんのひととほりをば、 われこころえがおのよしにて、 なにごとをちょうもんするにも、 そのこととばかりおもひて、 みみへもしかしかともいらず、 ただひとまねばかりのていたらくなりとみえたり。

このぶんにては、 しんおうじょう極楽ごくらくもいまはいかがとあやふくおぼゆるなり。 いはんやもん同朋どうぼうかんも、 なかなかこれあるべからず。 かくのごときのしんちゅうにてはこんほうおうじょう不可ふかなり。

あらあらしょうや。 ただふかくこころをしづめてあんあるべし。 まことにもつて人間にんげんづるいきるをまたぬならひなり。 あひかまへてだんなく仏法ぶっぽうをこころにいれて、 信心しんじんけつじょうすべきものなり。

あなかしこ、 あなかしこ。

文明ぶんめいろく、 がつじゅう六日ろくにちそうちょうににはかにふでめをはりぬのみ。

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