Gobunshō – 御文章 – Fascicle 1-8 – Construction at Yoshizaki – 吉崎建立章 –

1-8  Construction at Yoshizaki

About the beginning of the fourth month in the third year of Bunmei, I just happened to go away from a place near the southern branch temple of Mii-dera at Otsu in the Shiga district of Omi province, and traveled around in Echizen and Kaga provinces.

Then, I took quite a fancy to this place called Yoshizaki in the Hosorogi district of Echizen province, and opened up the mountain, which had so far been inhabited by tigers and wolves. Having constructed a temple of sorts on the twenty-seventh day of the seventh month, I have passed time, day after day, until three years of springs and autumns have come and gone.

Since monks and laypeople, men and women, who have flocked here appear to have no special purpose, I have prohibited their visit from this year. For when I consider the primary reason for living in this place, wouldn’t it be a shame that anyone who has received life in the human world and had the rare opportunity to encounter the Buddha Dharma should vainly fall into hell?

I wonder for what purpose have they come here. So I have laid down the rule prohibiting the visit here of those who have no intention of settling the entrusting heart, manifested as the nembutsu, to attain birth in the land of bliss. This is solely because it is not central to seek fame or profit, but the realization of Bodhi in the afterlife is essential.

Let those who see or hear about this not entertain their arbitrary views.

Humbly and respectfully.

9th month, 5th year of Bunmei [1473]

1-8 吉崎建立章

文明ぶんめい第三だいさんしょ上旬じょうじゅんのころより、 ごうしゅうがのこおりおお三井みいでらのみなみ別所べっしょへんより、 なにとなくふとしのびいででて、 越前えちぜん加賀かが諸所しょしょ経回けいがいせしめをはりぬ。

よつて当国とうごくほそぎのごうのうち吉崎よしざきといふこの在所ざいしょ、 すぐれておもしろきあひだ、 年来ねんらいろうのすみなれしこのさんちゅうをひきたひらげて、 七月しちがつじゅう七日しちにちよりかたのごとくいちこんりゅうして、 昨日きのう今日きょうぎゆくほどに、 はや三年さんねん春秋しゅんじゅうおくりけり。

さるほどに道俗どうぞく男女なんにょくんじゅうせしむといへども、 さらになにへんともなきていなるあひだ、 当年とうねんより諸人しょにん出入しゅつにゅうをとどむるこころは、 この在所ざいしょきょじゅうせしむる根元こんげんはなにごとぞなれば、 そもそも人界にんがいしょうをうけてあひがたき仏法ぶっぽうにすでにあへるが、 いたづらにむなしくらくしずまんは、 まことにもつてあさましきことにはあらずや。

しかるあひだ念仏ねんぶつ信心しんじんけつじょうして極楽ごくらくおうじょうをとげんとおもはざらん人々ひとびとは、 なにしにこの在所ざいしょらいじゅうせんこと、 かなふべからざるよしの成敗せいばいをくはへをはりぬ。 これひとへにみょうもんようほんとせず、 ただしょうだいをこととするがゆゑなり。

しかれば、 見聞けんもん諸人しょにん、 へんじゅうをなすことなかれ。

あなかしこ、 あなかしこ。

文明ぶんめいねんがつ にち

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