Shōshinge 正信念仏偈 (Sōfu) Chanting – On Youtube

On this page you can enjoy listening to, and joining in with, the Tri-State Denver Buddhist Temple (TSDBT) chanting Shōshinge 正信念仏偈, Sōfu style. Scroll to the bottom to read more about the Tri-State Denver Buddhist Temple’s activities.

The Shoshinge 正信念仏偈 is chanted at 0600am every morning at Hongwanji and in many homes and temples across the world too. Chanting with others is fulfilling on many levels. So we hope you enjoy the embedded Youtube video and feel connected in the Nembutsu.

You will see the video below plus links to download the text in the BCA Shin Buddhist Service Book, as well as the text in-line so you can chant along in this page while the Youtube video plays.

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About the producers of the YouTube Video: The Tri-State Denver Buddhist Temple (TSDBT) is engaged in many levels in the community and they are using the medium of modern technology to reach out to the wider society and engaging with people from all walks of life.

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If you benefited from their content and/or feel inspired by the TSDBT’s work, please consider visiting their website to make a donation. Temples rely on the generosity of the Sangha. We are all part of the same, big, Sangha through the Nembutsu teaching.

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thank you for reading and chanting today.


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