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Welcome to jodoshinshu.faith – a resource built by and for “fellow practicers” of Jodo Shinshu

There are a LOT of Jodo Shinshu (Shin Buddhist) resources out there in many different places. From websites, to hosted files and youtube videos. This site will help bring a lot of that together. For this, we need your help.

The content of this site will mostly be complied material from official Hongwaji-Ha & BCA publications and sources. Any opinion, essays or personal notes will be clearly stated and will always aim to be in line with the views and teachings as presented by Hongwaji.

This site is not an official website of Hongwanji-Ha and is operating on the principle of taking responsibility for spreading the Buddha Dharma as encouraged by Jodo Shinshu Hongwaji-ha.

Visit this page for a list of links to official websites: https://jodoshinshu.faith/links-to-official-websites/

Plenty of resources will be hosted on this site, and in the most part links will be shared to source material (such as Temple websites) and, where books are quoted, links to Jodo Shinshu Honwanji-ha Hongwanji International Center book shop will be included as well as BCA book shops where applicable.

The motivation behind the creation of this site is to help present various Shin Buddhist resources in a way that will provide as much insight and access to practiers new and old as possible. To connect people through the Nembutsu teaching and to share the joy of life in the Nembutsu.

There is a lot of material out there and we aim to bring as much as possible together here to create a wonderful resource.

Due to the risk of running into broken links or expired domains (read this article) when creating a community resource, this site will aim to host as many resources as we can.

Please consider sharing any resources you may have that will aid in enabling others to access and hear the Dharma.

To share files you can share on google drive to jodoshinshu.faith [{@]} gmail.com

You are encouraged to reach out using the contact form to suggest material or offer contributions to the site. We welcome both ministers and lay members to take an active role in updating and managing this resource. The only condition is that your contribution is in line with that of Hongwaji.

The True Dharma belongs to us all, and we are encouraged to share it freely with all sentient beings. Let us not assume it is someone else’s responsibility and take action today to ensure that, no matter where in the world someone is, the Dharma teachings are freely available to hear, to share and to put into action in our lives and in our communities.

Japanese and other language contributions are also welcome.

** Contributors Wanted – Please visit this page if you have the time and inclination to want to help build this resource **

If this site inspires you. Please consider making a donation to your local temple or to other non profit organisations that depend on giving (Dāna).

This site was/is-being built as an expression of deep gratitude (Nanmandabu!) and we encourage you to find a way of expressing thanks in a way that works for you with your current abilities and resources. Making offerings can be done in many ways, not just financial. Please read this inspirational quote from the BDK’s ‘The Teching of Buddha‘:

There are seven kinds of offering which can be practiced by even those who are not wealthy. The first is the physical offering. This is to offer service by one’s labor. The highest type of this offering is to offer one’s own life …. The second is the spiritual offering. This is to offer a compassionate heart to others. The third is the offering of eyes. This is to offer a warm glance to others which will give them tranquility. The fourth is the offering of countenance. This is to offer a soft countenance with smile to others. The fifth is the oral offering. This is to offer kind and warm words to others. The sixth is the seat offering. This is to offer one’s seat to others. The seventh is the offering of shelter. This is to let others spend the night at one’s home.
These kinds of offering can be practiced by anyone in everyday life.

The Teaching of Buddha – BDK

Thank you for taking the time to visit.

Sincerely in Gassho.
Webmaster – Jodoshinshu.faith

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