Juseige 重誓偈 Chanting – On Youtube

On this page you can enjoy listening to, and joining in with, Rev. Harry Gyokyo Bridge, resident minister at the Buddhist Church of Oakland (BCO), host of DharmaReam and also Dean of the Institute of Buddhist Studies, chanting Juseige 重誓偈. Chanting with others is fulfilling on many levels. So we hope you enjoy the embedded Youtube video and feel connected in the Nembutsu.

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Juseige 重誓偈 is verses from the Larger Sutra of Immeasurable Life, please see the English translation below under the chanting guide.

You will see the video below plus links to download the text in the BCA Shin Buddhist Service Book, as well as the text in-line so you can chant along in this page while the Youtube video plays.

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About the producers of the YouTube Video: The Buddhist Church of Oakland with its resident minister Rev. Harry Gyokyo Bridge are engaging with the community on many levels. Rev. Harry also teaches, lectures and hosts insightful discussions which we would recommend you take some time to listen to.

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