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Online Fellowship

For public safety during the corona-virus pandemic of 2020, many Jodo Shinshu Temples/Churches have had to close their doors to the general public and have started live broadcasting services.

This shift to online fellowship has had a profoundly positive effect for many. Not only are we able to continue to connect with our local ministry, we are also able to connect with other Shin Buddhist Sangas around the world. We can attend several services a week.

When we all can return to our home temples we hope to see this level of online engagement continue. Connecting the wider congregation through the Nembutsu teaching. Nanmandabu.

Deeply listening to the Dharma is our practice. Never has it been easier.

Below you will find a list of temples offering live weekly services in English online as well as temples offering recordings of services.

Live/Online Daily Services
Oregon Buddhist Temple (YouTube)       Livestream: Daily 8am Pacific
= Chanting followed by Reading (currently Wasan), commentry and Nembutsu.

Live/Online Weekly Services
Buddhist Temple of Alameda (YouTube)
Arizona Buddhist Temple
Berkeley Buddhist Temple    Livestream: Sundays 9:30am Pacific
Buddhist Churches of America (YouTube)
Ekoji Buddhist Temple
Enmanji Buddhist Temple
Fresno Buddhist Temple (Twitter)    Livestream: Sundays 10am Pacific
Gardena Buddhist Temple
Midwest Buddhist Temple
Monterey Peninsula Buddhist Temple
Mountain View Buddhist Temple
New York Buddhist Church (YouTube)   Livestream: Sundays 11:30am Eastern
Nishi Hongwanji Los Angeles Betsuin (Homepage)
Buddhist Church of Oakland (YouTube)
Orange County Buddhist Church (Online School: Everyday Buddhist)
Orange County Buddhist Church (YouTube)
Orange County Buddhist Church (Podcast)
Oregon Buddhist Temple (YouTube)       Livestream: Sundays 10am Pacific
Palo Alto Buddhist Temple
Pasadena Buddhist Temple (YouTube)
Buddhist Church of Sacramento (YouTube)     Livestream: Sundays 9:30am Pacific
Salt Lake Buddhist Temple (Facebook)      Livestream: Sundays 10am Mountain
Buddhist Temple of San Diego (YouTube)
Buddhist Church of San Francisco (YouTube)
San Jose Betsuin Buddhist Church (YouTube)    Livestream: Sundays 10am Pacific
San Mateo Buddhist Temple
Seattle Betsuin Buddhist Temple (YouTube)   Livestream: Sundays 10am Pacific
Senshin Buddhist Temple Livestream: Sundays 10am Pacific
Southern Alameda County Buddhist Church
Southern Alameda County Buddhist Church (YouTube)
Tacoma Buddhist Temple
Tacoma Buddhist Temple (Rev. Miyaji’s Podcast Page)
Tri-State/Denver Buddhist Temple (YouTube)
Twin Cities Buddhist Sangha (YouTube)
Venice Buddhist Temple Livestream: Sunday 9:30am Pacific
Vista Buddhist Temple (YouTube)
Watsonville (YouTube)
West Los Angeles Buddhist Temple Livestream: Sundays 10:00am Pacific

If your temple is not on this list please contact us through the below form.

    The Content of this page was copied and adapted from the following BCA page:

    Dāna – Giving

    All services are ‘always’ provided free of charge and you are under no obligation whatsoever to give. All are welcome. Come as you are!

    If you have the financial means to support the temples/churches; please consider donating to them. It is thanks to the support of the Sangha that our temples can keep running and offering such wonderful content as listed here.

    If you can not make an offering of money:

    There are seven kinds of offering which can be practiced by even those who are not wealthy. The first is the physical offering. This is to offer service by one’s labor. The highest type of this offering is to offer one’s own life …. The second is the spiritual offering. This is to offer a compassionate heart to others. The third is the offering of eyes. This is to offer a warm glance to others which will give them tranquility. The fourth is the offering of countenance. This is to offer a soft countenance with smile to others. The fifth is the oral offering. This is to offer kind and warm words to others. The sixth is the seat offering. This is to offer one’s seat to others. The seventh is the offering of shelter. This is to let others spend the night at one’s home.

    These kinds of offering can be practiced by anyone in everyday life.

    The Teaching of Buddha (BDK) –

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