Inside a Jodo Shinshu Temple – Your Temple Minute on YouTube

Your Temple Minute is a series of short videos produced by Tri-State Denver Buddhist Temple (TSDBT) looking at different aspects of Jodo Shinshu Buddhism within a Jodo Shinshu Temple.

If you are new to Jodo Shinshu, you may find going to a temple bit overwhelming at first as there are a lot of aspects that you may not be familiar with. This video series on YouTube will help demystify some of these elements and make the experience feel a lot more familiar when you attend.

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Your Temple Minute Episode #1 – Incense Burners

Your Temple Minute Episode #2 – The Buddhist Flag

Your Temple Minute Episode #3 – Jodo Shinshu Bells

Your Temple Minute Episode #4 – Intro to O-Butsudan お仏壇

Your Temple Minute Episode #5 – Obbupan

Your Temple Minute Episode #6 – The Kanshō

Your Temple Minute Episode #7 – Jōdo Shinshū Boxes – 浄土真宗の箱

Your Temple Minute Episode #8 – Jōdo Shinshū Candles – 蝋燭立

Your Temple Minute Episode #9 – Uchishiki – 打敷

Your Temple Minute Episode #10 – The Yoma – 余間

That’s the end of the ‘Your Temple Minute’ series.

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