OJORAISAN – 往生礼讃 – LITURGY FOR BIRTH by Master Shan-tao – Chanting & Reference

Ojoraisan 往生礼讃 by Master Shan-tao (Zendō) is presented on this page as a beautiful set of Jodo Shinshu chants. These chants are not chanted as part of the standard liturgy in Jodo Shinshu temples. It is therefore quite uncommon to hear and and even less common for laity to study or practice these chants.

As such there is little in the way of information in English outside of a few select resources which we will share here. If any readers of this page have more to contribute, please contact us and we will update this page.

Please enjoy listening to and reading along with Rev. Tadao Koyama of Tacoma Buddhist Temple as he presents four parts of Ojoraisan in the following YouTube playlist. Please visit the links directly under the video to see other wonderful content by Rev. Koyama. Be sure to subscribe, like and reach out.

The following playlist includes:

往生礼讃偈:日没 Ojoraisan-ge: Nichi Motsu
往生礼讃偈:初夜 Ojoraisan-ge: Shoya
往生礼讃偈:中夜 Ojoraisan-ge: Chuya
往生礼讃偈:後夜 Ōjōraisan-ge:Goya

Beautifully chanted in the style of Jōdo Shinshū Hongwanji-Ha by Rev. Koyama

https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMlhFk_3cgnoxL278fRHMyHHIpu3Sf8lI Click here to access the Playlist on YouTube

The below translation was originally shared by Hisao Zuio Inagai on his resource Amida Net which you can still view using the following URL: https://web.archive.org/web/20011217215800/http://www.ne.jp/asahi/pureland-buddhism/amida-net/index.html

Current sites hosting this work can be found here:


Credits & Links:

Chanting by Rev. Tadao Koyama of Tacoma Buddhist Temple
To donate to the Tacoma Buddhist Temple please visit their donation page here: https://www.tacomabt.org/donations/

Translation work by Hisao Zuio Inagai

Thank you for reading.


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